Interview with Sari van Poelje

A magic of transformation through TAO

It was three years ago. I was on a crossroad in my life, re-examining purpose and how to leverage the knowledge and experience I have in Transactional Analysis. And I was reading a book Keeping the TAO Torch Alight: Berne After Reading by Sari van Poelje. It was after a long period that I got back my interest in TA.

”I’d love to meet the author!”

This book was more than just a knowledge sharing. There were both insights and implications – an eruptive source for applying TA in workplace. It was calling me for more. I have visited the website of the Intact Academy that she founded, and later on we met. Sari is an international team coach and expert on agility and innovation. She creates transformational learning experience in synergy of rich business experience and enormous knowledge as licensed Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst.

Let’s discuss applied Transactional Analysis in organizations

Here a piece of our conversation that inspired me to consider Organizational TA as a powerful source of my learning and practice.

World is crowded with development opportunities. Why Intact Academy(link to Intact Academy)? 

Sari: Intact Academy has been giving accredited training for coaches, leaders and consultants for more than 35 years in ten different countries. We are all trainers with both training and coaching experience, but more importantly we have all been leaders in business. So, when we train, we speak from experience and we are focused not only on what to do but specifically how to do it. Because we believe that coaches, consultants and leaders are ultimately the tools of their own trade, we make sure that personal development is as important as professional development in our training. Our participants come out as kick ass professionals and as aware and compassionate individuals.

How does TA contribute to business to thrive?

Transactional analysis is a method and a tool for transformation of individuals, groups and organizations. At the individual level TA helps you to know yourself better, communicate effectively, and change your story to be empowering and inspirational to others. At the group and organizational level TA allows you to work on performance improvement, better cooperation and creating a culture based on values and ethics that will help you thrive in your environment.

When is a right time to develop as a coach?

Sari: I would suggest that people need some life and work experience to coach others professionally. However, for me you can never be too young to learn coaching skills. I started at 22, and I am still learning 35 years later J

How team coaching program contributes to professional development?

Team coaches need to be good at individual coaching and systemic coaching. This systemic point of view helps you see the team as a whole as your client. To think in terms of how boundaries, roles, dynamics, culture influence us as individuals. How individuals sometimes „carry“ issues for the group. Team coaching helps you think about step-by-step ways to create clear structures, cooperative relationships and innovative cultures.

World is changing, we transform and live new reality. Why team coach program today?

Sari: Organizations are not collections of individuals. They are collections of teams. Team coaching is more important than ever. “If we manage to switch from a paradigm of individual gain to a paradigm of collective responsibility, we will be able to solve the big problems in the world today together”.

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