Sari van Poelje

Dr sci Sari van Poelje

I am dr sci Sari van Poelje, TSTA – O, international team coach and expert for innovation business design.

I am director of Intact Academy for 35 years, training TA coaches and consultants around the world. I work as a consultant for multinational companies, family businesses and start-ups in Team Agility. I help them innovate their business much faster than their products, so they can accelerate their market entry. I have 33 years of experience as a coach and consultant for managers and directors and have 23 years of experience working in multinational companies. I am a licensed teacher and supervisor in the field of Transactional Analysis, PCM trainer, NOBCO – EMCC accredited master coach and master system team coach. I have published numerous articles and books on leadership, coaching, and organizational change.