Danijela Đurić

Hello, my name is Danijela Đurić.

I have been working as an HR Consultant since 2017, although I have been developing people, teams and organizations for 20 years. I live in Belgrade with my family.

In addition to HR Consulting, I work as a team coach, trainer for the development of interpersonal skills and assertive communication. I have previously worked in domestic and international companies as a Human Resources Director, in the areas of talent development, leadership development, HR Business Partner role development and organizational development. This experience has helped me build an understanding of the needs of organizations, leaders and employees, deepen my knowledge of HR processes and gain experience in designing development programs and organizational interventions in large systems.

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What do I actually do?

  • HR Consulting using primarily knowledge of Organizational TA
  • Coaching: individual, group and Team Coaching.
  • Design and implement development programs and trainings

Why would you hire me?

  1. I have many years of experience in human resources and organizational development, and as an HR consultant.

2. I have gained knowledge from internationally recognized teachers. Since 2022, I have been an internationally certified organizational transaction analyst (CTA - O), the first with this title in the region. I am a certified Barrett Consultant for organizational culture assessment.

3. Old solutions to new problems? In short - no. In my work I use knowledge, methodology and tools that lead to effective changes, tailored to your needs. Development and learning go hand in hand. The projects I work on result in gaining knowledge and a better understanding of people’s behavior, patterns of interaction, culture, and leadership in the organization.

Want to know more about me?

I am a psychologist by profession, with completed master's studies. I started my professional career as a clinical psychologist and a nationally certified TA psychotherapist. I have 12 years of experience in the field of development of people and organizations, acquisitions and talent development. I have been dealing with assessments of personality and leadership potential in various business environments for more than 15 years.

.I have worked in managerial and leadership positions in Human Resources in several domestic and international organizations. Through working in a corporate environment, I have built my perspective on what a healthy organization means and how I can contribute to building a work environment in which individuals and teams thrive.

I believe that everyone has the potential for growth, which triggers the highest quality changes necessary for personal satisfaction and business success.

Danijela Djuric growthcode