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HR program - HR from the point of view of Organizational TA

What is useful to know about people when we work in Human Resources?

The founder of Transactional Analysis, Eric Bern, inspired me to pay attention to what the employees of Human Resources say after “Hello” when introducing themselves. This little experiment led to an interesting insight. Most of the interlocutors say “I work as an HR, but I am not a psychologist”. Deepening of this topic created the HR program Human Resources from the Angle of Organizational Transactional Analysis with the aim of offering professionals in Human Resources practical tools and access to the needs of people in the business environment.

Through this program we shift the focus from How an HR process is realized and What needs to be done to Why do we approach people in a certain way? What are their needs in the organization? Where are these needs met or not met through HR processes and work in the organization? From what attitude do we as HR professionals do our job to support people and the organization in their growth? How do groups, teams and organizations work? Where do they meet in their dynamics with leaders and employees?

How do you feel about these questions? The answers to them help us implement every HR process, decision or procedure for the benefit of people and organizations, knowing our Why on that path.

Aim of the program: Introduction to basic concepts about the needs of people in the workplace, the principles of cooperation and dynamics of groups and the organization and their practical application in HR processes.

Program topics:

Session 1: Being OK HR – basic philosophy in working with people in the organization.

Session 2: Managing expectations in the organization, positions of power and powerlessness and outcomes of the HR processes.

Session 3: Basic needs in the workplace, feedback culture and recognition in HR processes.

Session 4: Personality in the Workplace: Communication and Conflict

Session 5: Leadership, types of power in the organization

Session 6: Work cycle: onboarding, development, adapting to change, leaving the company, from the angle of the needs of the individual and the group.

Methodology of work: online sessions that include lectures, workshops with case studies, work in small groups and discussions.

Realization of the program: 6 online workshops, each lasting 3 hours.

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