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HR Consulting - Organizational Transactional Analysis in Service of Your Efficiency

How to develop productive teams, inspiring leaders, motivated employees? By choosing to work on their development.

Do you recognize that it is time for a change? Do you recognize the skills you want to develop? Is there room to make your team even more efficient? Has your organization gotten to the point of being too slow or too fast in the face of change?

I am Danijela Đurić, psychologist and internationally certified organizational transaction analyst CTA – O. In my work, I primarily use Organizational Transactional Analysis (OTA), an approach that has been proven to lead to improved efficiency, professional and organizational development. Thanks to many years of experience and proven work methodology, I can support you in finding solutions to the challenges you face. You have the opportunity to improve your efficiency, and even more, to permanently empower yourself and your teams with knowledge from OTA, such as: effective communication, time management, leadership, conflict resolution, problem solving, change management, leadership development and team synergies.

HR Consulting includes assessment and interventions at some of the following levels within an organization

  • Individual level, interventions that involve working with employees and managers
  • Interpersonal level, .capacity building initiatives for conflict resolution and skills development
  • Level of sectors, teams and groups, having in mind the dynamics of the group, teams and their interdependence, team coaching and team building
  • Organizational level: organizational structure, leadership and culture of the organization; organizational change management.

If you recognize the need to improve your performance at any of these levels, you probably need HR Consulting.

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