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Developing one’s way to organizational and personal efficiency

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HR Consulting - Organizational TA in service to your efficiency

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HR program - HR from the point of view of Organizational TA

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Efficient Leaders and Organizations

What is behind your desire to be efficient? Is it the development of interpersonal or leadership skills? Do you and your team need support in the form of individual coaching or team coaching to work on readiness to meet challenges? Is it maybe team building? Is there a need to improve the organizational structure, dynamics or organizational culture? Or maybe you need to embark on a path of transformation and organizational change together with the team and the organization?

Through the prism of the answers to these questions, we are looking for the best solution for you. Thanks to extensive knowledge and tools in the field of Organizational Transactional Analysis (OTA), as well as twenty years of experience, I support you and the organization in recognizing and designing effective solutions in the areas of human resources, leadership and organization.

I believe that employees, leaders, teams and organizations meet in a common motivation to achieve outstanding results with less energy and time. In short, everyone wants to be efficient.

The main areas of my work are:

• HR Consulting
• Trainings and development programs
• Individual coaching, group coaching and team coaching
• HR programs for the development of professionals in Human Resources

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HR Consulting tailor made for your organization

How to develop productive teams, inspiring leaders, motivated employees? By choosing to work on their development.

HR Consulting includes targeted interventions to improve individual and organizational efficiency. In this paper we use tools and knowledge of OTA and other system concepts and tools. Assessments and interventions can be implemented at one of the following levels in the organization:

• Individualn level,
• Interpersonal level,
• Level of sectors, teams and groups
• Level of organization.

HR Consulting is extremely efficient and practical when you know at which of these levels you want change, and when expectations are clearly set.


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HR program - HR from the point of view of Organizational TA

What is useful to know about people when we work in Human Resources? Learn about effective tools for working with people. Improve your interpersonal skills.

The aim of this program is to get acquainted with the basic concepts of the needs of people in the workplace, the principles of cooperation and dynamics of groups and organization and their practical application in HR processes.

We will go through six sessions on several topics, and some of them are managing expectations in the organization, personality in the workplace, employee needs, characteristics of communication and relationship building, leadership in organizations. In addition to the theoretical part, workshops, group work and discussions await you.

Does it seem interesting to you?


HR program - HR iz ugla Organizacione TA

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Danijela Djuric

Danijela Djuric growthcode

Danijela Đurić

PTSTA-O, Provisional Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst CTA – O, Međunarodno sertifikovani organizacioni transakcioni analitičar Team coach EMCC Individual Supervision, senior practitioner individual and team coach


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What our program participants say

It was a great pleasure having the opportunity to work with Danijela in the organization of workshop at Women’s Day for the employees of IBM corporation in Serbia. Through an innovative method of leading a workshop, mutual work and interaction, Danijela helped us all together realize how important it is to recognize how we feel in relation to our environment, what is important to work on in order to achieve balance at work and in our private lives, as well as how to progress in our careers without fear and prejudice.

Dusica Mitrovic

Human Resources Manager, IBM
The training course „Communication and Presentation Skills" led by Danijela was extremely important for the young team I manage. I liked the customized approach to the training a lot. The effect of it is qualitative team development in relationships with stakeholders as well as better mutual understanding. I recommend Danijela to the clients of my company and I am happy to be able to recommend and praise her this way, too.

Miljan Premovic


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