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TA-O Festival

Applied TA in organization 

22-26 April 2024

About the TA-O Festival

Discover the TA-O Festival – online event crafted with the simple goal: to bring together TA leaders, showcase best practices, and welcome everyone keen on incorporating Organizational TA into their work.

Key Features of TA-O Festival

  • Global TA Perspectives:

Engage with world-renowned TA teachers and supervisors hailing from diverse corners of the globe. Gain valuable insights into organizational dynamics.

  • Real-World Good Practices:

Immerse yourself in a showcase of real-world examples and good practices presented by our international TA experts. Uncover actionable strategies to navigate organizational challenges and enhance HR functions. 

  • Celebration of Boundless Learning:

Join us in celebrating the boundless nature of knowledge, where good practices and learning flourish without borders. 


Monday, 22nd April

1 – 2.30 pm
Consulting with a TA Frame of reference in the era of AI  
James Longwell., PTSTA-O

3 – 4.30 pm
Organisational change: Pile of sand or Integrated whole

K. Raguraman, PTSTA-O
40 participants

Tuesday, 23rd April

1 – 2.30 pm 
Developing Emerging Change in Organizations
Madeline Laugieri, TSTA-O
Up to 20 participants 

3 – 4.30 pm 
Workstartcycle, From Successful Onboarding Towards a Meaningful Collaboration
Patrick Odendaal, PTSTA-O
50 participants

Wednesday, 24th April ​

1 – 2.30 pm 
The Fluent Leader: An Introduction to Functional Fluency for Leader
Valérie Cionca, PTSTA-O
20 participants

3 – 4.30 pm 
Building partnerships for change,
Luca Fornari, PTSTA-O 

Thursday, 25th April ​

1 – 2.30 pm 
What Has Transactional Analysis Got To Offer Coaching?
Sandra Wilson, TSTA-O
50 participants

3 – 4.30 pm 
Conflict Management in the Organization,
Build or Undermine Bridges

Danijela Djuric, PTSTA-O
30 participants

Friday, 26th April ​

1 – 2.30 pm 
Contemplative TA: Invitation to develop holistic self
as an anthropologist of organisation
Aya Konoike,  PTSTA-O

3 – 4.30 pm 
Intimacy at work 
Sabine Inken Schmidt PTSTA-O 

Important infomation

Date: 22-26 April 2024
Time: 1 – 4.30 pm CET 

Language: English 
Place: Zoom


( For TAO 202 students at Growth Code only):  
132 EUR (110 EUR + VAT) or 15.600 RSD (13.000 RSD + PDV)

240 EUR (200 EUR + VAT) or 28.400 RSD (26.600 RSD + PDV)

180 EUR (150 EUR + VAT) or 21.200 RSD (17.700 RSD + PDV)

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Consulting with a TA Frame of reference in the era of AI  

James Longwell, PTSTA-O & Organisation Development Consultant, Google EMEA

Foundational within the Organisational Field of TA is the idea of a contract for change within the organisation. When we as Transactional Analysts engage in such a contract, we will often be inhabiting the role of Consultant.

I will share my perspectives on how I occupy this role and what aspects of TA I draw upon to assist me in that work. The challenge recently intensified in this space with the advent of so-called ‘Generative AI’ – we can now access virtual consulting partners in the shape of conversational agents like ChatGPT or Bard – as can our clients.

We will explore together how we might begin to navigate this – particularly from an ethical point of view and from the core TA ideas of Autonomy and Protection. 

Organizational change – Pile of Sand or Integrated Whole

K. Raguraman, PTSTA-O, organizational consultant, Secretary in Asha Counselling and Training Services

The process of change plays a vital role in an organizational setting. The overall behavior of the organization depends on the relationship within its various parts.

During this workshop Raguraman will present his experiences, ideas and reflections on ‘organizational change’ based on TA theory and practice.

We will explore how role competencies lead to significant changes at the systemic level.

Developing Emerging Change In Organizations

Madeline Laugieri, TSTA-O, Founder and Director of the Institute of Emerging Change, Switzerland, HR Consultant and Trainer

The ability for a group to maintain a constructive and
structuring Stroke Economy all through their daily upheavals and in the long run can be developed and supported by the team members and their hierarchy through the management of three contracts which facilitate the regulation and the systematic harmonization of relationships.

During this workshop we will discover three spaces of organisational dialogue and experience a simple and pragmatic way to diagnose and interact in groups and identify the specific pathologies and underlying needs at each level of contracts.

From Successful Onboarding Towards a Meaningful Collaboration

Patrick Odendaal, PTSTA-O, trainer and supervisor at a TA-institute in the Netherlands

During the workshop Patrick will present the concept of
Workstartcycle that he developed together with Dennis Vrooland, inspired by Pamela Levin’s work – „the cycle of development”. The Workstartcycle supports workers, leaders, and teams in organisations to start new work and to deal with changes in the organisation.

This workshop focusses on the tasks of the manager, while working through the Workstartcycle during onboarding.

The Fluent Leader:
An Introduction to Functional Fluency for Leader

Valérie Cionca, PTSTA-O, Director of VCionca Consulting, experienced HR professional,

Let’s discover the model of Functional Fluency developed by Dr Susannah Temple who won the EBMA in 2014 and choose how it can be linked to other TA concepts in leadership.

During the workshop the model will be applied to practice.

Building Partnerships for Change

Luca Fornari, PTSTA-O, consultant with extensive experience in coaching teams facing structural changes

In organizations facing changes, internal misalignment is frequent and can lead to a dispersion of energy.

During this workshop, Luca will present an example of how to build internal partnerships for change through the lens of Schmid’s communication model on communication. In subgroups, participants will explore the model’s application in their organizational context.

What Has Transactional Analysis
Got To Offer Coaching?

Dr Sandra Wilson, TSTA-O, Managing Director The
international Centre for Business Coaching, EMCC Master Practitioner Coaching, Supervision and Mentoring, Doctor of Professional Studies (Coaching Psychology)

In this session, Sandra will create a reflective space for
participants to go beyond the obvious and consider where the profession of coaching and the practice of TA merge.

With a view to supporting participants to build their coaching framework, we will look at the following questions: What is unique about TA and what is its role in the coaching process? How do we match the competence required of a coach with knowledge and skills of the TA practitioner?
How do we manage the boundaries of the professional contract and the specialist knowledge we have as TA practitioners?

Conflict Management in the Organization, Build or Undermine Bridges

Danijela Djuric, PTSTA-O, HR Consultant, Founder at Growth Code, EMCC senior practitioner individual and team coach and supervisor

Conflict in the organization can be a hot potato, something we avoid talking about, or at least we don’t talk about overtly, and it
may become a bump on a road that causes challenges in the individual or team performance. During this workshop we will look
into different perspectives on conflicts, using TA theories of communication, games, emotional literacy and Cycle of reconciliation, then exploring our roles, how to intervene and when to intervene as professionals.

Contemplative TA: Invitation to develop holistic self as an anthropologist of organisation

Aya Konoike, Organisational Development facilitator and consultant, PTSTA-O, M.A. in Educational Facilitation

When confronting a massive system like companies and society, we need to be grounded enough to grasp the impact of the systems on ourselves. This workshop could be an invitation to build your stable and resilient self as a practitioner in Organisational development. The component of the workshop is based on the mixed perspective of the Eastern world and TA.

Intimacy at the Workplace

Sabine – Inken Schmidt, PTSTA-O, HR professional with 25 years of experience, working in HR

How do we handle as Transactional Analysts such a “loaded” expression with organisational clients. The concept of Time Structuring is giving us so many opportunities in general – and we will look together at our opportunities as OD Consultants.
Let us look at Intimacy according to Moursund: Intimacy being a Free Child to Free Child Transaction under the loving eye of the adult ego states. To foster Intimacy in Organisations we can use Good Judgment, Compromise and Alternatives as effective Interventions to lead our clients to what Intimacy can mean for them at the Workplace.